frequently asked questions!

1. What are Beanbags?

Beanbags are essentially a bag and can be made from jute, fabric, vinyl, nylon, canvas, leather or a combination of the above mentioned materials. The bags can be in different shapes and sizes and are filled with polystyrene beads.

The bean bags unique attribute is that while light in weight the beads in the bag compact to follow the body contour of a person and support the weight of the person sitting on it, which thus provides a perfect combination of support and comfort.

2. Can I return the bean bag if for some reason I am not happy with the purchase?

The bean bag can be returned and a refund will be made. Please refer to our Bean Bag Mart Warranty for refunds and returned products.

3. I have heard from friends who said that their bean bags break.

All products have a "wear down" and "wear off" factor including "life-span" of the components. Our Bean Resters are no different, and if used with due care and with proper maintenance (as bean bags are usually subjected to heavy usage and even abuse like children jumping or falling into it for fun) should not break. In addition, we provide a warranty for our Bean Resters, please refer to the Bean Bag Mart Warranty.

We can also repair beanbags subject to further inspection. Please contact us by email or tel: +65 9678-7078 or +65 8511-4745

4. Does it feel hot sitting in a beanbag?
Most bean bags are single layer fabric or PVC which then makes it hot to sit in a non-air conditioned environment.

Our Bean Resters can be made:

• in single layer fabric or PVC to suit some customers; or
• made with a cotton fabric outer cover (which is cooling and can be removed for washing) with an inner lining of water-resistant nylon; or
• made in a combination of a PVC body and a detachable quilted fabric top cover (where the body is in contact) which is cool to sit. The quilted fabric top cover can be detached off for washing with its Velcro features, and
• made in material like "Sunbrella" Brand canvas which is very comfortable and suitable for the outdoor like patio, beaches, pool-side, verandahs and roof-top gardens.
• made in natural leather for the seating part and combined with PVC body.

Please contact us for your special requirements.

5. Are there actually "beans" green or soya in the bean bag?

The word "bean bag" is a misnomer (meaning incorrect description) which is comparable to the term "to shed crocodile tears" (as crocodiles do not have tear ducts). It probably originated long ago when farmers took a break in the fields and sat on a bag of beans... and the rest, as they say, is history. If someone can find a more original story than this, we welcome your feedback.

Nowadays most of the bean bags are usually filled with polystyrene beads, micro-beads or called "snow beads" and they do not decompose as compared to beans or rice (in which insects such as weevils may breed). Also, the beans/rice will consequently break down into a powdery form and therefore pose a health hazard. Secondly, they have no nutrient value to insects (eg. Dust mites), fungi or bacteria and lastly, the beads are insoluble in water (in the event of water spills).

6. Why do some of my friends say that bean bags are a better option to conventional furniture?

Bean Resters are very personal furniture to the home-owner as they are light and mobile (imagine having to carry/lug your favourite armchair which weighs averagely 15kg from room to room) and provides good lumbar support, requires a low maintenance level and by its unique shape and customized colour scheme makes it popular, hip and funky in today's modern home.

Almost every home has a formal guest area. Where there are areas such as family corners and cosy areas, our bean bags are most suited to these type of places and practically "fits the bill".

7. Why are bean bags from Bean Bag Mart so different from other bean bags?

Bean Bags from Bean Bag Mart are called "Bean Resters®" which is a registered trade mark. The ergonomically design and unique shape of the Bean Resters are registered designs in the United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia.

We are able to provide full customization in the colours of your choice. For example, if you are a Red Devil fan, you can select red and white PVC colours for your football Bean Rester. And also if you have a particular piece of cloth or fabric of your liking, we are able to customize it into an outer cover or quilt top. We are also able to customize our Bean Resters to meet the requirements of people or children with "special needs". Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

8. Will the beads in the beanbag compress, and if so, where can I get the top-up beads and when should I top up my Bean Rester?

The polystyrene beads do compact and settle down after some usage (similar to pillows and settee cushions). You therefore need to top-up your Bean Rester to the same level of comfort as before or when your Bean Rester can no longer give proper support. The top-up beads come in bags of 50 litres in volume and are obtainable at the following stores:
1. Park Mall, #B1-17 (Just opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Tel: 63374238
2. Spotlight Store Orchard (Plaza Singapura, level 5)
Tel: 67339808

We recommend that you call up the store to confirm availability & check the store opening hours.

9. Are the colours shown on the website the same as the products that I am purchasing?

There is a tendency for the colour as shown on your monitor to vary from slightly from the actual product. If possible we recommend calling at our showroom (with your own colour sample if any) to finalize the order.

10. Can I just buy the covers only without the beads inside?

We carry a selection of cotton outer covers including quilted fabric top covers for our range of Bean Resters. The inner lining made in nylonis also available.

11. How bulky or space consuming are the beanbags?

Space is a perpetual problem in Singapore, as a result, we have come up with a wide range of beanbags from the extremely large to a very small beanbags.

To give a rough idea of space requirements, the large size adult Sacco beanbag occupies approximately 0.75m by 0.75m area. The Jumbo Rester will take an area of 1.1m by 1.1m.

We have a wide range of Bean Resters that can correspond to any space constraints that you may have. Please visit our showroom to verify your needs.