About us:
the low-down on beanbags

Our comfortable bean bags come in many stylish colours

So you want a beanbag. Not just any beanbag, but a beanbag that will satisfy your insatiable sense of comfort, style and functionality. You have come to the right place. What are beanbags, you ask? Textbook answer:

Beanbags are essentially a bag structured in different shapes and made of various fabric or vinyl or a combination of fabric and vinyl. The beanbag is usually filled with polystyrene beads (or any other matter such as shoes, pillows, left over laundry - not recommended though by us)

Its unique attributes are that the beanbag can support a person's bodyweight while it is almost featherweight (roughly being 4-7kg, easily moved around the house to the nearest tv and entertainment venue).

This provides the perfect combination of support and comfort.

Comfort is our business.

Our beanbag designs are ergonomical - which in plain speak means our beanbags are designed to fit your body like a glove without gaps - total support.

Style never came in so many colors. All our beanbags are customizable to your desires - the size, material, texture, and colours is limited only by your imagination.

(Unless your imagination is limited, then we can do some of the imagining for you - just ask our friendly staff in our showroom at Park Mall)

Functionality is core.

Ever try ripping off the cover of a sofa set? We invite you to rip the covers off your beanbag - all our beanbags are double layered, so as to facilitate easy maintenance. Just unzip, remove, and deposit in your washing machine. Some models also come with the washable top cover attached via Velcro - so you can remove the washable quilted top easily for cleaning.


A little bit of history never hurt anyone (no one I know of anyway)
Beanbagmart was founded in 1993, 20 years ago, and we do the production, supply and retail. So you are getting your beanbag first-hand from the factory, no middle men - you know you are getting great value.

We have in our long history supplied our beanbags to many educational institutions, private clubs and those of the dancing kind (see MOS in picture gallery), hospitals and old folks' homes, and lastly to many homes in Singapore. We pride ourselves on being experts in the trade as there is no beanbag too big or too small that
we cannot do.

Visit us today at our showroom located at Park Mall, #B1-17 and let us create your personal beanbag!