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  • New Arm Chair
    Arm Chair Rester

    With it's wide body, high backrest and arm rests, sink into it and...

  • Double Arm Chair
    Double Arm Chair Rester

    Two Bean bags when combined, form a long couch like the Double Arm...

  • New Long-M
    Long-M Rester

    The Long-M Rester is designed with contours that moulds accordingly...

  • Double Duplex
    Double Duplex Rester

    The Double Duplex Rester doubles as a bean bag chair and a double bed!...

  • Duplex Rester
    Duplex Rester

    The Duplex Rester doubles as a bean bag chair and a bed, essentially...

  • Rester Kyut
    Kyut Rester

    Do you love having fun in the sun, by the pool? Then our outdoor...

  • Double Arm Chair
    Double Deluxe Chair

    Two Big-sized Bean Bag Chair when combined together form a comfortable...

  • Twin Splash Rester
    Twin Splash Rester

    This twin size Splash Rester can rest two person, either sitting or...

  • Low Bed Rester
    Low Bed Rester

    Do you love lazing around in comfort? Then our Low Bed Rester is for you! 



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